At all times many tried to find a formula of eternal youth. In attempt to prolong life they recommended a transfusion of “young” blood, injection of sex hormones, transplantation of ovaries and testicles taken from animals. Alchemists of the Middle Ages sought for elixir of immortality, Chinese Taoists tried to find miraculous elixir inside themselves. Ancient Greeks took milk baths. Some of ancient Romans in order to prolong their lives drank from a floor blood of young gladiators slain in fights. Many people died trying to find elixir of immortality. But even now in laboratories all around the world scientists continue to look for possible ways of life prolongation.

     The most spread theory of aging is a theory of free radicals. It was suggested by Dr. Harman back in 1954. The basic idea of this theory is that produced during metabolism active forms of oxygen – free radicals – may damage genetic system of cells. This damage is accumulated with age. The older we get the more damaged cells we have. Our bodies look differently and their functioning worsens. Human organism becomes enfeebled; wrinkles and senile spots appear on skin. Radiation, toxins, carcinogens, stresses and other factors may increase a number of free radicals. In addition enzymes – some kind of instrumentset for cell damages elimination – are not produced quantum satis by cells which are formed in old age.

     All components of living cell including chromosomes and DNA molecules are targets for free radicals. But all the time the same specific parts of DNA molecules are damaged. If we try to restore integrity of these DNA parts it will become possible not only to stop process of ageing but to reverse our biological clock.