Dear partners,

Taking into consideration coronavirus epidemiologic situation in the world, Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Russia, has put a lot of effort into adaptation of “Intruder” software for using as an additional secondary program with existing advanced models of hardware-software systems “Metatron” (with 3D software “Metapathia Hospital”, “Golden Dragon” and “Sakura”). This will allow using “Intruder” software extensively for evaluation of health reserves, correction of immunity and prevention of coronavirus infection.

Two years ago, anticipating this epidemiologic situation, Institute of Practical Psychophysics had created a specialized anti-parasitic software “Intruder”, database of which has an etalon of the new SARS-CoV-2 strain.

“Intruder” software, in addition to the new etalon, has a number of unique functions and features, in particular automatic search for bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminthes with identification of their virulence and potential hazard for a patient, and sensitivity to modern antibacterial remedies. Also, this software has a significantly extended database of microorganisms (in comparison with other models), and specially for it we created more than 150 new models of bacteria, viruses, fungi and helminthes.

Using of a specialized anti-parasitic software “Intruder” as an addition to available 3D systems will allow you to apply all developments of Institute of Practical Psychophysics in one hardware-software system.

We wish everyone good health!

Best regards,
Vera Nesterova
General Director of Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Russia