IPP JAPAN Company – a new level of NLS-technologies in South-Eastern Asia.

Dear friends!

This is the time of technologies that are timeless, that unite unique people with unorthodox way of thinking, who can accept and introduce new trends in medicine. These developments are immortal. 

Our Institute, founded by Academician Vladimir Nesterov, has always been application-oriented and committed to development and introduction of new and revolutionary medical trends into practice. This must serve people.

Hardware-software system “Metatron”, which has been developed by Institute of Practical Psychophysics for 30 years, unites new achievements of the Western medicine and millennial experience of the East. However, eastern trend in medicine becomes more important, meaning that the most promising concept now is involvement of an organism’s own reserves into a fight with external pathogenic factors, which strengthens protective features of an organism, not weakening them.

The goal of information medicine is not just reaching of some neutral condition, but acquiring of the optimal health, when quality of life changes and a person lives fully functionally, using all possibilities of his own body and mind.

Creation of IPP JAPAN Company is a result of work of many unique, talented and ingenious people. This Company must ensure serious and professional level of hardware-software system “Metatron” introduction into practical medical application of South-Eastern Asia and, perhaps, the whole world.

To achieve this goal user must join forces, which will strengthen possibilities of each of us and provide priceless experience of work with this system.

We need to create a single informational field, which will help to raise this technology to a completely new level, which will unite people able to think non-linearly and understand that all people are unique and require individual approach to their health.

This technology forms a new medicine, which will deal not with illnesses, but with health itself, evaluating it, restoring and preserving it.


Best regards,

Vera Nesterova

General Director of IPP JAPAN.