“Intruder” software is the latest specialized development of Institute of Practical Psychophysics in an area of microorganisms and helminthes activity analysis and evaluation of their resistance to modern antimicrobial and antiparasitic preparations.

Demonstration of the original program “Intruder”

Importance of this development is dictated by appearance of panresistant superbacteria during recent years, which are resistant to all used antibiotics, that is why NLS-method and computer express-evaluation of activity and resistance of a large number of pathogenic microorganisms against all existing antibacterial (antiparasitic) preparations simultaneously, may become the only possible alternative to a modern medicine.

Appearance of an increasing number of new antibiotics and progressive multiplication of strains with acquired resistance forces urgent tightening of regulations on accuracy and quickness of evaluation methods and beginning of development of conceptually new modern computer methods for evaluation of microorganisms’ resistance.

Computer NLS-analysis method for evaluation of activity and resistance of microorganisms against antibacterial preparations, developed by Institute of Practical Psychophysics, comply with all modern requirements.


The most fundamental changes in a methodology of antibiotic-resistance evaluation by computer NLS-analysis method are related to creation of:

Nowadays, without consideration of abovementioned aspects, it is impossible to get well-timed and reliable results of microorganisms’ activity and antibiotic-sensitivity evaluation, and therefore to apply modern antibacterial (antiparasitic) remedies properly.

In addition, this technology regards a human organism and its bacterial (parasitic) agents, as a unitary system of biotic relations and identifies any functional changes in a human organism, caused by microorganisms, as a predisposition for development of not only infectious, but psychosomatic illnesses as well. Basing on this, the technology makes possible to determine a study program clearly, without unnecessary consultations, thus shortening time of an examination, which is important for correct and well-timed diagnosing and corresponding treatment.


Major changes in “Intruder” software:

  1. System of pseudo-3D visualization, more than 100 of new organ models.
  2. New version of a report (summary).
  3. Automatic creation of a report (summary) with three levels of detailing.
  4. Microorganisms database is extended (about 150 new etalons and images), separate etalons groups – “Viruses”, “Helminthes” and “Fungi” added.
  5. Automatic search for bacteria, viruses, helminthes.
  6. New etalons groups added: “Antibacterial preparations”, “Antiviral preparations”, “Antiparasitic preparations” and “Antifungal preparations”.
  7. Feature of quick selection of standard crosscuts added.
  8. Classification of a process stages in entropic analysis.
  9. Graphic representation of etalons types by criteria: anabolic/catabolic and dry/wet.
  10. Improved mathematical model of hardware data processing.
  11. Improved algorithms of affected areas location with consideration of a process type (anabolic/catabolic).
  12. New system of tissues proliferation evaluation in young patients.


Separate versions of this software, specialized for markets of Japan and China, with support of corresponding languages and national etalons databases, are also created.