“WellBeing” software is the latest development of Institute of Practical Psychophysics in an area of nonlinear analysis of dysfunctional changes in an organism and evaluation of health reserves.

Demonstration of the original program “WellBeing”

This technology allows to understand the nature of a multidimensional human organism with unlimited potential for healing and development. Involvement of human’s own reserves into a fight with external and pathogenic effects becomes the main aspect, it trains protective functions of an organism without weakening them.

Hardware-software system “Metatron” with “WellBeing” software allows to identify essential etiological aspects (helminthic, microbial, fungal and viral factors, allergens, heavy metals and radionuclides), allows to create an adequate correction program with use of homeopathic and herbal remedies, nutriceutics and food products, allows to perform a correction of a functional state of a certain organ or tissue in a real time mode by optimizing their entropic-information balance.

“Well Being” software, which unites the latest developments of the West and millennial experience of the East,  includes evaluation of energy centers, chakras, 14 Chinese meridians, acupuncture points on extremities, ear auricle and fixed points on an iris.


This model is optimal in its functional possibilities, package and price; it unites all the latest developments of Institute of Practical Psychophysics:     

This NLS-diagnostics is pre-nosological, in other words it can identify a pathological process on an early stage of its development by means of entropic analysis function.

Diagnostic system allows to evaluate a level of an internal entropy of a biological object and model all possible phase states from maximum stable to maximum unstable at different times and express them in terms of statistic coefficients of the Flerndler’s color-coded scale.

System allows to evaluate influence of nutrition and environment condition to a functional state of an organism. Various biological stresses are taken into account, which, as a rule, are not considered by clinicians. NLS-systems not only identify them as one of pathogenic factors in a specific patient, but also can eliminate them.

Objective of treatment in an information medicine is not to achieve some neutral state, but to acquire an optimal health, when quality of life changes and human lives to the utmost, using all possibilities of own body and consciousness.


*Separate versions of this software, specialized for the Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese markets, with support of corresponding languages and national etalons databases, are also created.