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       Along with restoration of sport in Russia mass media again and again raises questions regarding medical and biological assurance of sportsmen trainings. Among main reasons of sports medicine lags there are financial problems, material and technical support, staffing, interdepartmental disconnection, mismatch of normative legal documents, doping problem. These problems are obvious and the one question is brought up – how to make innovative breakthrough in sports medicine which will affect last link of this system – team therapist?

       Diagnostics equipment of sports medicine centers and medical exercises dispensaries allows to carry out obligatory detailed medical check-ups of sportsmen every year. But, unfortunately, generally these check-ups are targeted for revealing of significant pathological conditions of a sportsman and for making a decision whether to allow this sportsman to take part in contest or not. In majority of cases to evaluate energy reserves of a sportsman, cardio-respiratory system is tested, and according to acquired results therapists try to make a conclusion about efficiency of whole organism. Team therapist is obliged to do medical check-ups of his sportsmen quarterly. But major part of sports therapists has modest diagnostics possibilities and thereafter receiving of accurate information about sportsmen health condition is limited by thermometer, tonometer, phonendoscope and, sometimes, portable electrocardiograph. Team therapist is the last person who approves a sportsman before every contest. That is why he is willing to know real degree of sportsman readiness and to foresee still actual problem of sudden cardiac death in sport, all this forces him to look for advanced medical technologies.

       After respective topical updates, therapist of cycle racing pro-team “Katusha”, since April, 2008, uses in his work unique unparalleled in diagnostics sphere medical device developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics under guidance of Academician of medical and technical sciences V.I. Nesterov. Compact-size hardware-software system “Metatron”-4025 with “Metapathia GR Hunter” software is functioning on the basis of “Screening diagnostics method” technology. This method reveals possible localization of pathological process and degree of its development (accuracy 79.9%). Screening diagnostics method is based on non-invasive use of electric signals (1.8 – 8.2 Hz) and biological feedback between patient and unit. “Metatron” system has a license for corresponding medical use.

       Objective of testing was to reveal hidden pathological processes in whole organism of a sportsman and evaluation of muscles tone. It is possible to achieve maximum efficient treadling only with normal muscle tonus of a sportsman, symmetrical position of spine bones and correspondingly optimal seating on a bike. In physiological aspect each muscle of a body reflex-related to a specific internal organ, endocrine gland, nerve, vertebra. That is why reflex effect of “problem” organ will cause muscle disbalance with appearance of functional blocks in spine, blood flow disturbance and early decrease of endurance.

       85 sportsmen from Russian cycle highway and track professional and continental racing national team “Katusha” aged 16 – 38, were periodically examined during this time period. In all cases muscle disbalance of various degrees was revealed with absence of any marked clinical symptoms and complaints. Reasons of muscle tone asymmetry were related with early and light manifestation of: intestines dysbacteriosis (colon bacillus, helminthiasis, rhinoviruses), catarrhal gastritis, duodenitis (helicobacter pylori), gall bladder dyskinesia, chronic tonsillitis, vasomotor rhinitis, allergic bronchitis, radiculopathy chronic prostatitis, urethritis, nephrolithiasis, caries and muscle triggers. In one third of cases simultaneous standard clinical researches evaluated revealed changes as an upper verge of “normal” condition. Practically sports therapists managed to “look into” condition of sportsmen “pre-pathology” and find there some hidden reserves. Abilities of hardware system allowed to choose efficient medications, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic preparations and food supplements, to reveal allergens, to recommend individually optimal diet. Besides using bio-resonance chamber it is possible to prepare necessary homeopathic preparations and carry out bio-resonance therapy directly.

       Re-examination carried out before and during races of many days made possible to monitor dynamics of sportsmen functional condition and to correct applied restoration procedures in proper time. As a result of chronic infections nidi focused sanation and prophylactic measures improved condition of internal organs and correspondingly muscle tonus of cyclists on average up to 30% from initial values. Starting from 2008 many cyclists achieved great results in professional and amateur contests, Russia and World Championships.  Cycle racing pro-team “Katusha” in its first season reached 6th place according to UCI world rating. Now it already holds 3rd place. There were no dismisses from races of many days by medical reasons.

Thus main advantages of this system for sport therapist are:

1. Fast speed of complex evaluation of sportsman health condition.

2. Visualization of muscle tone disbalance.

3. Highly reliable objectification of organs and systems pre-clinic conditions, which often regarded as normal conditions by traditional medicine.

4. Possibility to find out real reasons of pathological process and muscle disbalance.

5. Operative monitoring of sportsman’s functional condition dynamics and treatment course in any conditions of training or contest processes.

6. Possibility to give proven reasons for rehabilitation medical procedures for generally healthy sportsmen.

7. Targeting for prophylaxis and prognosis.

Conclusion: “Metatron” system which was used in our work meets all modern requirements for mass screening researches and may be recommended for application in sports medicine.

A.P. Yablunovsky

therapist of cycling pro-team “Katusha”




Dear Vera Ivanovna!


Last week I phoned to your Institute to settle some matters I was interested in and I had the honor to meet you personally.

First of all allow me to congratulate you with high and, I believe, well-deserved award – “Honorable citizen of Russia”, because in spite of short period of work with “Metatron” system, achieved results exceeded all my expectations.


Allow me to introduce myself briefly. In the beginning of 1991 I and my family moved to permanent residence to Germany. Everything went in its normal course until I received my diagnosis results with couple of unpleasant records (autoimmune hepatitis, dry Sicca-syndrome, which led to hypersensitization to daylight and lamplight, thyrotoxicosis) in 2002. In its impotence official medicine offered me high doses of cortisone as a therapy. As a therapist I understood what will happen with my organism after years of cortisone taking, on the other hand it was dangerous to reject the only existing at the moment therapy because it was too early to quit the scene for me (I had wife and two kids).


Only lucky chance helped me to solve this dilemma of despair. Head physician of quantum medicine association came from Moscow to hold a course of lectures. According to his recommendations I purchased a system and after few courses of treatment my health conditions improved greatly, but disease itself was not defeated completely yet.


Again due to my health condition I moved with my family to Spain, into more favorable climate of Mediterranean Sea. Here I established my private clinic. Local climate really help to get rid of minor ailments, but limits of improvement still exist here.


My intuition said to me that something which I miss in my struggle with serious diseases already had been invented and exists, but I did not know what it was and where it was.


And once again that fateful lucky chance! My ex-colleague phoned me from Germany and told that recently he purchased diagnostic-therapeutic system “Metatron” and he was really amazed by its possibilities. After careful study of your website I understood that this system is exactly what I have been looking for so long. At the same day I got in touch with your representative in Moscow and ordered “Metatron” system for me.


After I diagnosed myself, chose homeopathic preparations and carried out meta-therapy course my blood analyses returned to normal values. Organs’ functions were restored; it was confirmed by verification diagnosis.


Nowadays I have large successful experience of work with my own patients.


By the will of the God I live and work in a city mainly inhabited by wealthy western Europeans, spoilt by achievements of modern science and engineering. Despite this fact, accurate and fast diagnostics with “Metatron” system and efficiency of following therapy impressed my patients greatly. Moreover lots of them were on the one hand amazed and on the other hand they asked themselves – why until this day they had to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of their time for diagnostics and therapy which often did not lead to desired results and were related to side effects of medications. Diagnostics with “Metatron” system not only confirm already known by patients diagnoses very quickly, but also give a complete picture of organism condition in the whole and show direct relation of organs and pathological conditions. Patients begin to understand how individual every organism is and that at the same diagnosis following therapy and medications may be absolutely different.


My patients ask one and the same question all the time: Why every clinic does not have such system?


“Metatron” system has another one positive side effect: people in Europe start to show interest in Russia and to treat Russian achievements, science and of course inventor of this system with due respect.


For me personally “Metatron” system is the “new testament” in medicine!


Best regards, Valdemar Kuntz




Dear Prof.Nesterov,


I would like to introduce myself as a doctor i St. Lucia/West Indies. Fascinated by your work I admire you and your wife, you must be so gifted to develop such a thing.

Since some years I got involved by the bioresonanz and it did not take me long to get to know your extraordinanry metaron technology.


I am writing to you to get to know, if there is any possibility to buy the “Metapathia GR Clinical” to a dissent price. As you can imagine, in St. Lucia the people are quite poor but sick as well.So I really can`t buy at a high price. Therefore I am wondering, if you might have Metapathia which you were using while developing and testing, which shows traces of utilisation or where a little piece is broken out or…


What do you think about me selling Metapathia in the Carribean or in France? I speak fluently french, english and german. I am ready to come to Russia or elsewhere to learn everything about “Metapathia GR Clinical” to be able to sell it afterwards.


For today I send my best regards and greetings, hoping to hear soon from you


Yvonne Klein