Structural scheme of the Institute

Marketing department – studies customer feedback, organize exhibitions (Russian and international), sells products of the Institute, maintain contacts with dealers, studies competitive position, coordinate requirements of contracts and orders, carries out SWOT review regularly.


Scientific and research department – deals with development and realization of technical specifications for a new hardware and software creation, upgrading of existing software; carries out development of technical documentation; fulfils analysis, verification and validation of every design and development stage according to requirements of technical specification; carries out software testing.


Manufacturing department – purchases spare parts and assembles the system. It interacts with manufacturing partners, carries out tuning and adjusting of hardware, fulfils warranty and after-warranty servicing.


Clinical trials department – realizes clinical trials of both final hardware-software system and preliminary software versions in order to verify it.


Quality management department – provides conformity of requirements of quality management system documents developed by structural departments of the IPP to requirements of International Standards ISO of 9000 series. Provides methodical management of structural departments of the IPP activities on quality system improvement, carries out systematic analysis of quality system functioning, organizes and carries out internal audits of quality management system.